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is designed for the research community at the intersection of art, science, technology and society. In order to fulfil the need of communication and networking of this community, the RESEARCH ARTS platform provides a meeting point for exchanging research, good practices, resources or news about upcoming events. The platform focuses in particular around "giving a voice" in science and science policy making to nature and to the citizens.

The platform is online since 2012. Each and everyone interested is welcome to participate.


Every day I hear and see them grow: the signs of climate change. On the news I hear of the tragic consequences: "the North Pole is melting, deserts are expanding, the hurricanes multiply". In the news, I read about the tragic predictions: "Deadly heat waves, sinking coastal cities, droughts, famines". Despite all these 'apparently abstract' dangers, I tried "just to go on."
Eventually, I did not want to "just go on" as usual.

Find out more about the three experiences that transformed my attitude from a passive news consumer to an engaged citizen scientist.


OUR PHILOSOPHY: If we want to be participants in giving shape to a more sustainable and equitable society, we need a science culture that combines knowledge from different research fields with everyday life. The scope of science needs to be rethought within the frame of democracy. We want to question and expand our notions of representative and direct democracy to include responsibility for future generations. We want to commit ourselves to a research approach, which takes responsibility for its’ outcomes. We think that major challenges like climate change or resource scarcity require integrative and participative research practices allowing the “expert of the everyday” to meet "on equal terms" the expert at the intersection of art, science, technology.

Who founded the platform RESEARCH ARTS? >>

stella vecianaFoto: Michael Miethe

stella vecianaFoto: Hannes Bever

Dr. Stella Veciana, Founder of the RESEARCH ARTS platform and the people²people research participation platform.


My name is Stella Veciana and I founded the RESEARCH ARTS platform and the people²people research participative platform. After studying experimental art at the University of the Arts Berlin at Rebecca Horns’ class, I received a DAAD scholarship for Computer Arts at the School of Visual Arts in New York. Afterwards, I completed a postmaster in Cultural Policy & Management at the University of Barcelona and my PhD on "Research Arts: the Intersection of Art, Science and Technology as a Field of Knowledge and Action" at the Faculty of Arts, Barcelona. I developed the idea of a research platform for Research Arts during the research for my thesis. At the latter art school I worked as a visiting professor and initiated the annual degree show. After my MBA, I worked as a project manager of national and European research and technology transfer projects at the Catalan Institute of Nanotechnology ICN.


My research fields are focused on the exploration and development of artistic cooperation practices and participatory science approaches that contribute to the transformation to a global sustainable acting society. I am currently working for the civil society platform “Forschungswende”, which advocates for civil society participation in science and is supported by the Federation of German Scientists. Furthermore, I cooperate with the Citizen Art Days, an annual festival in Berlin which promotes through surprising art strategies the citizen participation in the shared space of the city.

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