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The RESEARCH ARTS platform is designed for a growing research community of artists, scientists, engineers and interested citizens. The platform provides a meeting point for exchanging research, “good practices”, details of resources or capacity building tools. Stella Veciana brought this research platform to life in 2012.

The platform is an advocate for the "voice of nature" and the "voice of the citizens" in science and science policy making to
contribute towards a more sustainable and equitable society. The four main areas of activity of RESEARCH ARTS, are researching, translating, questioning and cooperating.

If you would like to get involved, find out more about the Open Call and the Open Dialogue blog. Through the "Open Call" you can apply to publish your own article about a project or topic. The "Open Dialogue" blog is a forum where the research questions raised by the articles can be commented or new questions be posed. We expect to develop through this dialogue a socially meaningfull and valuable research agenda, which is supported by a vibrant RESEARCH ARTS community.




Researching - into how we want to live and how we want to live together. Our world is one in which science and technology have more and more influence over public opinion and political decisions. What can a joint artistic and scientific approach contribute to sustainability research?
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Translating - between the manifold languages of science, multiple perceptions of reality, diverse concepts of value and different forms of memory. How can we all understand each other? How can we translate, compare, communicate and archive our ever evolving fields of knowledge? What approaches would help us build bridges of understanding?
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Questioning - the world we live in. How can we collaborate in shaping a sustainable future? How can science and art as social systems not only cooperate but also monitor themselves? How can we check our own research questions, methods of work and areas of impact?
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Cooperating - to encourage creative participatory processes between "experts from different disciplines" and the "experts of everyday knowledge". What can the RESEARCH ARTS community contribute to the transformation of global society towards one acting sustainably? How can we work together?
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