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The RESEARCH ARTS Plattform collects and discusses new approaches and research models proposed by a growing research community of artists, scientists, engineers and interested citizens. The "Themes or Projects of the Month" of the e-Journal aim to foster a research agenda in this field, and to contribute towards a more sustainable and equitable society.
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Balance / Unbalance

Balance / Unbalance Conference

Within the frame of the conference taking place in taking place the 9th to 13th of May 2016 in Manizales, Colombia a transdisciplinary workshop process will take place to experiment with a methodology to extract “appropriate data” for complex ecological / cultural problems particularly form the balance/unbalance perspective.


Participative Research in Communities: Think-Tank

The think tank will take place September the 9th to 11th, 2016 in the ecovillage Sieben Linden, Germany.
Citizen scientists, intentional community members, students, and researchers are invited to develop jointly innovative and sustainable research projects.



The RAABLABS Project explores new ways to read and process information that bridges artistic and scientific means for building knowledge. The interactive interfaces invigorate and re-value collections and archives of knowledge as they were developed in the past and in the present, by transforming them into experiences of space, sound, and play. more



Researching - into how we want to live and how we want to live together. Our world is one in which science and technology have more and more influence over public opinion and political decisions. What can a joint artistic and scientific approach contribute to sustainability research?
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Translating - between the manifold languages of science, multiple perceptions of reality, diverse concepts of value and different forms of memory. How can we all understand each other? How can we translate, compare, communicate and archive our ever evolving fields of knowledge? What approaches would help us build bridges of understanding?
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Questioning - the world we live in. How can we collaborate in shaping a sustainable future? How can science and art as social systems not only cooperate but also monitor themselves? How can we check our own research questions, methods of work and areas of impact?
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Cooperating - to encourage creative participatory processes between "experts from different disciplines" and the "experts of everyday knowledge". What can the RESEARCH ARTS community contribute to the transformation of global society towards one acting sustainably? How can we work together?
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